Loto Quebec improves its odds

Oct, 2017


- Full set up in as little as 14 minutes
- Contemporary white finish with hardwood flooring
- Roof cube for high-visibility signage
- Wings that flip up and enclose a huge meet & greet area, partially roofed for shade
- Right-sized unit that’s affordable and pick-up truck towable

Loto Québec made a whole lot of impact with not a whole lot of box at the summer’s Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. The provincial lottery agency set up in a small space right in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles entertainment quarter just off one of the main outdoor stages. They selected a Loki LB8, our smallest unit that starts out as a compact 8’ X 8’ X 8’ cube that stretches to an impressive 16 X 24 feet when fully deployed. Attached to the unit, a glass box structure expanded the usable space even further for a very unique purpose: drone games!  Visitors could have a few laughs fighting it out with their flying machines inside the safe confines of the glass enclosure.